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Copacabana - Rio

Take a look at this picture:

Well I don´t know if you saw this photo before, but if you never saw any photos of this place before, you don´t know what a beach really is . This is Copacabana, one of the most famous beaches in the world, mentioned in songs around the whole planet.
Copacabana is the place where you must go if you are visiting Rio, not that this is my favorite beach, but it´s like a symbol of Rio de Janeiro, and it represents the lifestyle of Rio. At one side you see the sea, and at the other, the city, and this is how life goes around here, we work a lot, but at every spare moment we wanna go to the beach, but can you blame us? Loot at the beauty of this place...

That´s just my opinion, but I find it even more beautiful in rainy weather.

Well, Rio is not just beaches, it has much more tourist attractions, and it also has great things to do at night, like little Pubs and dance clubs.
Here´s a list of some tourist attractions in Rio:
Sugarloaf - A green, unearthly peak ris…

Scuba Diving

Hi friends, I´ve been asked to post some information about scuba diving. Well, let´s start then: Brazil is a paradise for divers, it has more than 8000 km of coast just waiting to be explored. Plus we have more than 2000 shipwrecks along our coast, specially in Rio de Janeiro and Bahia. Great places for scuba diving: ILha Grande(RJ): We have more information about this islands in the previous posts. Anyway this island has excelent diving spots, in fact diving is one of the best things to do on the island. In fact there´s so many spots that I intend to make one post just for diving at Ilha Grande. Take a look at the best places to dive in Ilha Grande, they are many: Arraial do Cabo (RJ): This a great place too, beautiful beaches, and wonderful diving spots, A navy ship of 1827 is a good thing to see when you´re diving there. Fernando de Noronha (PE):This may be the best place in Brazil, to dive. In Fernando de Noronha two types of diving may be done: self-contained, with air tanks, a…

Lopes Mendes - Ilha Grande

It is one of the prettiest beaches of the whole Brazilian coast and the most famous of the Island.
Its an oceanic beach of approximately 3 km of white sand. In spite of the fact that the sea beats strong, it is very shallow. The transparency of the water is amazing, as well as its variation of tonalities.

The access is by boat or trail. It is ideal for surfing and is always visited by lovers of this sport. If you are a surfer, but you didn´t bring your equipment, it is possible to rent surfboards there. As soon as you exit the trail and enter the beach there is a guy renting surf equipment.

Well, this ends the serie of posts about Ilha Grande, I probably will post more stuff about the island, but from now you´ll also see here information about a lot of islands and beaches. I´m not sure yet of about which island(or beach) will be the next post... any suggestion? :D

Blue Lagoon - Ilha Grande

The lagoon is a natural piscine created between Macaco's Island (monkeys´Islands) and Ilha Grande when the tide is low.

This Place was named LAGOA AZUL (Blue Lagoon) a few years ago and it is a sensational attraction. The MACACOS's island is a paradisiacal place of calm and shallow waters, blue tonalities and millions of yellow and black little fishes. These fishes eat bread so they offer a wonderful spectacle to the visitor's boats.

It´s a perfect place to snorkel, there you will find a place to buy fresh drinks, ice creams and handicrafts made by the fishermen of the region.

Did you like that beach? Leave a comment then :D

Las Palmas Cove - Ilha Grande

LAS PALMAS is one of the most populated places during the day in summer, but it is very calm during the night. It has beautiful beaches offering green and transparent waters

To arrive here, you can rent a boat at Vila do Abraão, or you can just walk through the paths named ?trilhas? (trekking).
Some Photos of Las Palmas Cove:Tags:

Diving at Ilha Grande

Diving is one of the many things you can enjoy at Ilha Grande. Here´s a youtube video about diving at the island.

Abraão Cove - Ilha Grande

Abraão is the most beautiful bay of Ilha Grande. Is situated between high mountains of great inclination that emerge from the sea. There are several brooks and the coast is very irregular.

Characteristics: Beautiful beaches. Quiet and clear water. Forests (Atlantic shrub) Beautiful mountains Brooks Cascades If you need any information about this island, or how to get there, just email me:

Sequence of posts About Ilha Grande

Hi, starting today I´ll make some posts about one of the biggest islands in Brazil, this island is Ilha Grande("Big Island" in English).

Ilha Grande is located near Angra dos Reis, in fact, it belongs to the city of Angra.

Brazil, Southeast Region, Rio de Janeiro State, Agra dos Reis District.
Bay of Ilha Grande.
Latitude S: between 23º 05` and 23º 14'
Longitude W: between 44º 05' and 44º 23'

193 km² area
Aprox. Coast Perimeter = 130 km
Minor perimeter for a coast navigation= 72 km
The contour is undulating with 34 sharp ends and little peninsulas, 7 small bays and 106 beautiful beaches of diverse characteristics.
Mountainous topography with several peaks. The most important ones are the PICO DA PEDRA Dâ'AGUA with 1031 mts. over the sea level and the PICO DA PAPAGAYO with 982 mts. These areas are extensively vegetated and you can also find dense forests, headlands, steeps, plains, rivers and caverns.


Being an oceanic island, …

In This site, you will learn more of Brazil and it´s islands(and beaches :D)

Hi, this is the first post in this blog, so let me intruduce myself.
My name is Rodrigo, I´m a brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro, I guess that if you entered this site you know Rio.
It´s a beautiful city with beautiful islands, Such as Ilha Grande near Angra dos Reis.
But this site is not only about Rio, I will post here tons of footage about islands in the whole brazilian coast. So, this ends my first post, hope you will come frequently to my site, so please, add it in you favs :D... And leave a comment plz. See ya around folks