Cabo Frio - Rio De Janeiro

Cabo Frio is one of the cities of "Região dos Lagos", a region with many wonderful beaches. The city is less than an hour away from Arraial do Cabo(see previous posts), and also has some great beaches, like Praia do Forte and Praia do Peró.

It´s a very well developed city with wide-ranging commerce, an excellent hotel infrastructure and entertaining options for both day and night. There are restaurants with almost every type of cuisine, great nightclubs, fairs, exhibitions, and a vast cultural calendar.
During the night, people gather in the street, usually near the Praia Do Forte or in the fairs. At the Praia do Forte, there´s all kind of entertainment, from games untill dance clubs. In the fairs you´ll find good souvenirs, handmade stuff, clothes and places to eat hot dogs or anyother fast foods.
Here I´ll put a list of good things to see there.
Conchas BeachPraia das Conchas - Shell Beach - A beautiful shell shaped beach that is cozy and charming. It?s ideal for water sports and fishing, with incredible natural surroundings. Credits: Associação de Hotéis e Pousadas de Cabo Frio.

Nature set aside these incredible sand hills, called dunes, in Cabo Frio. It?s covered by ?restinga? vegetation at some spots, very common in the area. The white fine sand shines in the sun and is shaped by the wind. Mother Dune, by the road that takes to Arraial do Cabo, is also called White Lady, the highest dune in the area. Don?t miss the wonderful sunset from the top of Dama Branca. Credits: Associação de Hotéis e Pousadas de Cabo Frio.

Itajuru ChannelLocate in the city center , the canal is bordered by the Rua Jonas Garcia an AV dos Pescadores. Navigable over 6 kilometers, it connects Araruama lagoon to the Atlantic Ocean. There are many options of boat tours with distinguished routes. Along the sidewalk you?ll find a handicraft market and beautiful mansions. Credits: Associação de Hotéis e Pousadas de Cabo Frio.

Pero Beach
With clear blue water, constant waves and kiosks on the sand. The dunes along the coast are known as Peró Golden Dunes. A surfers and net fishing lovers hang out, it?s 7 km long. Credits: Associação de Hotéis e Pousadas de Cabo Frio.

Praia do ForteIt?s 7.5 km long and has different names at certain spots, like: Praia das Dunas, Praia do Foguete, Praia de Cabo Frio, and Praia da Barra. Located downtown, it has many bars and restaurants around, besides the kiosks on the sand. With clear blue waters and white fine sand, it has Saint Mathews Fort in the left end, built in the XVII century.

This is it friends, Cabo Frio, great place near Rio de Janeiro.
Untill next post, It will be about Carnival(Carnaval), maybe I will post it today.


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