Florianópolis (Islands/CIty) - Santa Catarina

The natural beauties of Florianópolis attract thousands of visitors every year. Mainly in the summer. They seek the diversity of the coast. In the island can be found, side by side, the most varied types of beaches, the long ones, with large sand strip; the small ones, encrusted in backwaters; those with strong waves; and the ones of calm sea, looking like lagoons; urbanized ones full of bathers; and deserted ones, with access by trail only. It is the paradise for surf, windsurf, sailing and fishing lovers.

The Northern and Central regions of Florianópolis are the mostly sought after by tourists and offer a complete infrastructure of services, resorts, hotels and lodges. In the South, some districts also keep the aspect of countryside villages, and in them you can notice, in their way of speaking, in their handicraft activities, and folkloric feasts, the heritage left by their ancestors from the Portuguese archipelago of Ações, as of the 18th century. On the other side, the city gained a cosmopolitan air with the arrival of Brazilians from other States and foreigners who chose to live there.

Tourist Capital, Florianópolis is currently inhabited by about 300 thousand people, a number that triples every summer.

Some important events in the island:
World Surf Competition (WTC): Florianópolis is the main location of the WTC, which classifies 50 competitors, among professionals and amateurs.

Divine´s Feast: Takes place 40 days after Easter, when a group of people takes to the streets to participate in a imperial procession. There are band presentations and typical local food kiosks.

How to get there:
By Plane: The International Airport Hercílio Luz, 12 km from downtown, receives domestic flights from the countrys capital cities and also from Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina.

By Road: The Rita Maria Bus Station receives buses from many capitals and cities in Brazil and Mercosur countries: Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile.

Main access highways:- From the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro: BR-116/ BR-376/ BR-101- From Curitiba: BR-376/ BR-101- From Porto Alegre: BR-290/ BR-101.
What to do:
Florianópolis has a diversified combination of atmospheres, that makes it the favorite destination for people who like to practice sports that are linked to nature: sea, mountain, native vegetation, lagoons, rivers, oceanic islands and dunes.

It has 100 beaches, many of them are very famous: Joaquina, Mole, Canasvieiras, Jurerê and Lagoa da Conceição.... Each of them has its own peculiar characteristics. The ones with rough sea are perfect for surfing. The sheltered bays and lagoons are good for nautical sports. Sea rocks and islands are ideal for diving. Some beaches are noisy places; others are calm fisherman villages.

The ecosystem combination allows typical mountain programs to be done by the sea, such as free flight and horse riding, all over the year: there are many paths to be chosen in the rich and diversified natural topography of this palce.

Activities, such as free flight, hiking, diving, horse riding, navigation, surfing and cycling are possible in any time of the year, specially in fall: it is bright, shiny, beautiful and warm, with little rain and clear warm waters.

If you want more information just leave a comment and I´ll get it for you.
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Anonymous said…
Great photos and a fantastic site with lots of information !!
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