Guarujá - São Paulo

89 km from São Paulo, Guarujá has one of the bests tourist infrastructure in the south-east region of Brazil. It has a lot of white sand beaches extended all along urbanized roads.

It´s a beautiful place, but In my opinion there are better places to visit while in Brazil, but if you are near it, like in São Paulo or Santos, it is worth to check it out, there are some very good things to see.

Check this site for a map with links to the beaches:

The most important beaches:

Pitangueiras: It is located in the centre of the island. It covers 1800 meters of a scenery enclosed by buildings and large commercial centres, some of them, surround The Beira-mar Avenue.
This beach is ideal for surfing. In the middle of the beach, there is a rocky islet.

Enseada: The beach of Enseada is situated to the north of the island. It covers 11 kilometres bordered by a residential neighbourhood. Its sand is clear and soft. Its main characteristic is the presence of coconut trees and kiosks all over the beach. It is perfect for water sports like windsurf, jet ski y surfing. At the left side of the beach, there is a marina which counts with showers, sanitary and a life-saving post. It is also called "Isla de las Convenciones" (Conventions Island).

Costa de las Tortugas: (Turtle´s Coast) In this beach , there are tours on kayak, ski and motor launch, as well as boats and the possibility of swimming under the water. If someone prefers walking on the ground, the wide strip of sand is ideal for comfortable hikes.

The beaches of Do Eden and Sorocotuba-: Are placed in a closed village.

The beach of Pernambuco: Located in front of Dos Arboredos Island, is constantly visited because of water sports.

The beach of Iporanga: Is situated on a bay close to the native glade, inside a private village.

The beaches of Branca, Preta and Do Camburi: Are vacant and surrounded by vegetation. They are recommendable for surfing.

The beaches of Astúrias and Do Tombo: Are placed to the south. They are ideal for surfing too.

Do Tombo: The beach of Do Tombo is located in front of The Moela Island, a site where there is a lighthouse constructed in 1836. This beach is very well known because of its huge waves, ideal for surfing, and its restful locations for sunbathing.

This is it for now, but check it out later, cause I will post something about Salvador today.

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