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Morro de São Paulo - Bahia

Quote of the day: "Do you ever get the feeling that the world is a tuxedo, and you are a pair of brown shoes?" by George Gobel on Johnny Carson show

Hi friends, I´m sorry about the lack of posts, but has been a busy month,and I have a feeling that it will get worse before it gets any better, but I´ll try to come here more often. Now let´s talk about what really matters. Today I´ll make an article about one of the most famous islands in Brazil.

Morro de São Paulo is a village in the Tinharé island, but due to the famous village, the island is more known as Morro de São Paulo.

With beautiful beaches, coral reefs and surf activity, this island is certainly a very good option for people that are spending some time in Salvador, it´s about 20 minutes away by plane, and 2 hours by boat.
This place is for people that want to relax and practice all kinds of water sports. If you´re into diving, there are dive operators in the islands. They offer boat trips to the best sites, you can choos…

Ilhabela - São Paulo - Brazil

Ilha Bela is one of  the biggest islands in Brazil and one of the most visited, maybe because it´s near the two main cities in Brazil.It´s located 210 miles south of Rio de Janeiro and 138 miles north of São Paulo.

Ilhabela is portuguese for Beautiful Island, and that´s what this island really is. A paradise for people that like to be outdoors. The island is ideal for who want to practice aquatic sports. There are great 35 km of beaches, a coastal Atlantic rain forest, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, mountain peaks to climb and over 400 cool waterfalls cascading into the ocean. Add to that legends of pirate treasure, underwater wrecks to explore, great sailing, enough to make Ilhabela's annual Sailing Week a must.

The best time of the year to go there, depends on what you are looking for. In the summer and during weekends the island is a little crowded but not enought to make it impossible to find a place for relax and enjoy the nature, off season or during the week most likely you´ll …

Abrolhos - Bahia

Abrolhos is located south of Bahia and it shelters Brazil's richest coral fauna. Five volcanic islands and a group of coral reef comprise the archipelago that has one of the largest fish gathering in the globe, both in quantity and variety. You can find in Abrolhos all kinds of fish from the South Atlantic.

Abrolhos is visited every year, from august to november, by the humback whales. This time of the year they are easily spotted in Abrolhos area perfoming a show of jumps and characterists sounds.

The whole archipelago is protected by IBAMA(The instution that take care of natural resources in Brazil), all this to keep this paradise alive.

This is also an excellent place for diving, one of the best in Brazil, with good visibility, shipwrecks and corals.

As you probably have already noticed, Abrolhos is not one of those places that are full of tourists, it´s more like a place for adventurers. Great for people that want to get in touch with nature.

This site ha…

Abrolhos - Bahia - Brazil

Found this video on youtube. Amazing clear water in Abrolhos, I´m thinking about post something about Abrolhos soon.

Some Great Capoeira Moves

Hi, found this video on youtube, impressive stuff, worth to watch.

Porto Seguro - Bahia

Hi folks, today I´ll post some info about Porto Seguro, a very famous city in Brazil, that receives all kind of tourists during the whole year.

Porto Seguro is the place where Cabral(the portuguese who discovered Brazil) first landed in 1500, that makes Porto Seguro one of the most important places in the brazilian history, and since 1973 is a National Historic Patrimony.

So, if history isn´t one of your favorite things you probably are thinking, "Besides looking at old churches, what else can I do in Porto Seguro?"
Well, this little text from a great site about Porto Seguro will answer your question: Click here for the site

"In Porto Seguro, visitors of all ages ? young fellows alone or in groups of friends, families with children, couples in honeymoon, elders, business travellers , all of them have entertainment, fun and security guarantee. Besides the countless beaches ? with crystal-clear and unpolluted waters and a services structure that give confort and security to t…