Fernando de Noronha - PE

Hi folks, I´m back for a little post. This is about what´s maybe the destination most desired by brazilians, the beautiful island Fernando de Noronha. I will place here some photos of it, some information too, but very few. Later(maybe next week) I´ll make a big post about it, cause this island deserves it.

The two first photos will be of the Two Brothers Hill(Morro Dois Irmão), this name is self explaning after you see them.

The next two photos are of the Pig´s Bay(Baia dos Porcos), it´s a beautiful place, it has a the best view for the Two Brothers and in the low tide it has incredible natural pools.

Well, for now it´s over, but I´ll definetly post more stuff about this paradise. For now just watch this video with some surfing at this incredible island, and for people that don´t care much for surf, there ´s also some great views in this video. Bye Folks, see ya soon.


Anonymous said…
Wow..... SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I must go to Brazil one day!

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