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Balneario Camboriu - Santa Catarina

Balneario Camboriu was founded in 1964, when it was emancipated from the city of Camboriu. And since it´s foundation this has always been a place dedicated to tourism, it´s main financial activity. The city has around 95000 citizens and an infra-structure that can receive around 1.000.000 visitants, there are 100 hotels, 15000 houses and flats to rent for the summer, and plus that you can always find some "Pousadas", resorts and campings near the beaches.

Balneario Camboriu is a great option for people that want to spend some days or weeks in a place with nice beaches, friendly people and a lot of things to do and see. It has beaches for all kinds of tastes, from almost untouched to very crowded and full of beautiful people. There you will find Brazil´s first nudist beach, called Praia do Pinho.

Well, if you didn´t believe me when I said that it was full of beautiful people, check this video out. By the way, if you don´t want to see a lot of girls in bikinis then do not watc…