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Ilheus - Bahia

Hey folks, I´m back, and this new article is about Ilhéus, a beautiful city in northeastern Brazil. This wonderful city is located in Bahia, a state known for it´s great coast, some of the most famous coastal cities in our country are in Bahia, like Salvador and Porto Seguro.

Ilhéus has the biggest coastal extension among all the cities in Bahia, and that means only one thing, lots of beaches to see. Another great side of this place, is it´s history. In the past Ilhéus was the biggest "cacau"(cacao bean, cocoa bean) exporter in the world, that changed after the farms were infested with a fungus, causing it´s production to decline. But the signs of the past are still in the city, where you can find the old "Casaroes"(Big Houses) where the Baron´s of cacau used to live. If you want you can also see some of the places where the cacau´s high society used to meet, by visiting the Bar Vesuvio and the Cabaret Bataclan.

Another interesting thing about Ilhéus is that it has …