Ilheus - Bahia

Hey folks, I´m back, and this new article is about Ilhéus, a beautiful city in northeastern Brazil. This wonderful city is located in Bahia, a state known for it´s great coast, some of the most famous coastal cities in our country are in Bahia, like Salvador and Porto Seguro.

Ilhéus has the biggest coastal extension among all the cities in Bahia, and that means only one thing, lots of beaches to see. Another great side of this place, is it´s history. In the past Ilhéus was the biggest "cacau"(cacao bean, cocoa bean) exporter in the world, that changed after the farms were infested with a fungus, causing it´s production to decline. But the signs of the past are still in the city, where you can find the old "Casaroes"(Big Houses) where the Baron´s of cacau used to live. If you want you can also see some of the places where the cacau´s high society used to meet, by visiting the Bar Vesuvio and the Cabaret Bataclan.

Another interesting thing about Ilhéus is that it has inspired famous brazilian writer Jorge Amado. He mentions places like Bar Vesuvio in his work, and lots of other location in the city. So if you are a fan, you can´t miss this oportunity to see the house of Jorge Amado, now it´s known as "Casa De Cultura Jorge Amado"(House of Culture Jorge Amado).

You may also take a guided tour through the cacau´s farms. Where you can lear about the production of this fruit, most important ingredient in chocolate. By the way there´s also a chocolate factory you can visit.

There also a lagoon called "Lagoa Encantada"(Enchanted Lagoon), you can get there by ship, through the Rio Almada. It´s a 14 square kilometers lagoon, and in it´s surroundings you´ll find waterfalls, fisher´s villages, cacau farms and much more. It´s definetly a great place to see.

Here I´ll put some photos of the beaches. Hope you enjoy it. Bye.


Susanna said…
Bahia is a great tropical paradise of tremendous value. It is without a doubt one of the most important tourism destinations in South America with its numerous attractions and pleasant climate throughout most of the year. Beaches, islands, rivers, caves and mountains are just a few examples of the many landscapes of this land, which is known for its great cultural diversity. Extensive conservation areas, delicious local cuisine and a wealth of folk traditions are other elements that make the state even more attractive to visitors. The Ilheus area is far the most frequently visited; Brazil property real Estate investment is on the upswing driven by Bahia is over 1000 kilometers of pristine beaches, growing infrastructure and the warm hospitality of its people. The world has woken up to the real estate potential in Bahia but owning or renting your dream den in Bahia is no longer a dream.
junyDada said…

you seem to be well informed about all the places to go to. I want to go on my honeymoon to an island for a week. could you please get in touch with me.

I'd really appreciate.

i'm from a land, far far away. pakistan :)
babisabl said…
what a paradise!great photos!!
Boy said…
Very cool man.

Check this also:
Boy said…
Great thankssssssss
wow, cool..
Beauty watch...
it's brazil, really?
Helen said…
Wow, I'm dying to go to Brazil now! It looks so beautiful!
Earl John said…
Great post! Brazil is one of the country that has a beautiful beaches in the world. I hope to witness the beauty of the beaches and ride the waves of the spots.
Espresso said…
Wonderful pictures :D

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