Canoa Quebrada - Ceara

This is Canoa Quebrada, a great place in Ceara. It´s located 164km from the capital of the state, Fortaleza. The city has a famous symbol, it´s that moon with a star inside that you see in the first picture. Canoa landscape is incredible, full of coconut trees, lagoon and cliffs like the ones on the photo. Besides that, as usual, theres a lot of beaches.

As most of the best destinations in northeastern Brazil, this was once a small fishermen village, and, once again, thanks to hippies who found this paradise, Canoa Quebrada is now known around the world, as place with great people, that live a easy going life, always happy and ready to welcome new visitors.

What To Do:
Well, here in Canoa you´ll find every kind of activity that you expect to find on a city with great beaches and lots of good sites to explore. Some of the things you can do here are: Dune Buggy, Jeep and motorcycle trips, kitesurf, boat trips, horseback riding, paragliding, Capoeira classes and a lot more.

What to See:
  • Praia de Canoa Quebrada - it´s the main beach of the city, has a calm sea, perfect for relaxing, there´s also a lot of quiosques, with reggae and others styles of music, just choose the one you like best.

  • Praia de Majorlandia - A beach with a rustic feeling about it, good to buy gifts and souvenirs,
  • Esculturas do Refugio Dourado - It´s the work of a local artist who makes those beautiful sculptures that you see in the picture, to see it, just look for the Pousada Refugio Dourado, in Majorlandia.
  • Broadway - It´s the street where the nightlife happens, with bars, restaurants and nightclubs, if you want to have fun in the night, you gotta be there, the nightclubs are open untill 5 a.m.
  •  Duna Por do Sol(Sunset dune) - It´s the best spot to watch the sunset in Canoa Quebrada, people say that when lovers watch this sunset together, they always end up marrying;
    How to get there: By plane, you need to fly to Fortaleza´s Airport(Aeroporto Internacional Pinto Martins), and from there go to Fortaleza Bus Station and get a bus to Canoa Quebrada.

    That´s it friends.

    Link with more information about Canoa Quebrada:


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